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Patenting Rules & Template Empty Patenting Rules & Template

Post by Kate on Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:41 pm

01. Patents can only be for technology and complicated, crafted items (e.g. no mined items or easily accessible crafted items).
02. Patents only protect the patent owner against others selling the item.
03. Factions are limited to 10 patents.

01. Patents are filed on this forum and are approved or denied.
02. After one week, the patent needs to be renewed. If 24 hours after the patent expires, the patent is not renewed, it will go up for auction, where other factions can reply to the post and claim the patent.
03. Patents can also be sold to other factions. The original patent post will need to be edited to show it was sold to another faction, and the new faction will need to make a patent post.
04. If other factions are found to be selling the item, they will be forced to pay the patent owner the profits made from selling the items.

Create a new post in this thread with the title as the item being patented, the reference number (chronological order in the forum), and the faction (e.g. "Patent #1: Doorbell - Dingusonia").
Name of Item:
Date First Created:
Process to Create:
Screenshot of Completed Item:

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