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Post by Kate on Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:24 am


On the Seventeenth of February, the town of Dingusonia was founded by iraqlobster12 and kateintheAM. Both were dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming home for those lost in the land of the Bedrock. The town continues to grow and, with its sacred Redwood Tree, offers a sanctuary from the worries of the open world.


X: 263, Z: 190


Mayor: to be voted on!
Sheriff: john_oconnor
Priest of the Redwood Tree: garysaleh
Food Shop Owner: maybe you?
Hotel Owner: maybe you?
General Shop Owner: iraqlobster12
Bar Owner: kateintheAM
Farmer: maybe you?
Citizens: kateintheAM, iraqlobster12, pulled_pork, autoloon, Alacon, xXUbMADXx, Voiceless Phantom

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