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Post by Kate on Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:08 am

General Rules
01. Don't be a dick. No racism, sexism, homophobia, sexual harassment, or general disrespect.
02. Be in Teamspeak while you're on our servers. If you join the Teamspeak server and play on the Minecraft server, be sure to put your Minecraft username in parentheses after your name (e.g. "Kate [kateintheam]").
03. The only mods allowed are within the Infinity modpack.
04. Respect the admins, y'all.
05. Stream sniping is banned, period. No tolerance. —2/17/2015
06. You must be at least 16 to play on our server. —2/19/2015

Server Rules
01. Do not grief, that is destroy/sabotage bases/builds that are not yours just to do it.
02. Clean up after yourself. If you abandon a build, tear it down. Do not leave tree tops in the sky.
03. No genitalia, huge sky signs, or trolling builds.
04. Do not build immediately at spawn.
05. Repeatedly storming someone's base after deaths (zerging) is not allowed.
06. You cannot steal from other people's homes or bases when they're off the server. If there is a roleplay lock (e.g. a sign saying "locked" nearby), you cannot get in, regardless of the player being online or not. If there is no sign near the entrance(s) designating it as owned or restricted, this rule does not apply. —2/18/2015
07. New dimensions are no longer allowed to be made on the server. —02/20/2015

Roleplay Rules
01. RDM (random killing) is NOT allowed.
02. Play along with roleplay. Stay in-character.
03. If a player asks someone else to leave their house and they do not comply, the homeowner is able to kill that intruder.

On the whitelisting application, when it asks if you agree, please put "I guess so."

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